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Australian NBA TV Guide

Find out how & when to watch live & replayed NBA games in Australian on ESPN via Foxtel, SBS & League Pass with our Australian NBA TV Guide.


Please note: Games & programming are generally not released or added to the Guide or confirmed until 1-3 days in advance


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How To Watch NBA In Australia

Free To Air TV: 

On average 1-3 games per week are shown live and replayed on SBS Viceland & On Demand.


Paid TV: 

On average 3-9 games per week are shown live and replayed on ESPN Australia via Foxtel.


Online Streaming: 

On average 3-9 games per week are shown live and replayed on Kayo Sports streaming service.

To watch all games live and on demand you will need the official NBA international streaming service called NBA League Pass.

With League Pass you can stream every game live and on-demand in HD to your desktop, mobile or tablet at any time anywhere.





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